Nancy Kim & Giuseppe Filardo

December 7, 2014

After 5 years of traveling back and forth across the ocean, we are finally tying the knot! We absolutely cannot wait to have you there with us under the sun, sand between the toes, stealing salty kisses from the sea breeze.

The Wedding will be in Tulum, Mexico on December 7th at Mezzanine Hotel with a Welcome event on December 6th. Be prepared to eat, drink, and dance all night by the sea!

< Dopo 5 anni il grande passo… perchè non in un posto da favola? Vi aspettiamo a Tulum, Mexico, il 6-7 dicembre 2014! >

- Nancy & Giuseppe

The Couple

Nancy & Giuseppe

We met. We liked. We love. We’re getting married!

At an art opening in Chicago, I thought I’d found the matching spirit of an artist, but instead found that of a scientist. What a bait and switch! But despite our differences, we did have some things in common, and that day we found ourselves in a long, “intellectually stimulating” conversation on our strong dislike of spiders and love of travel. We exchanged numbers, and have been calling each other ever since. I called him over for his first bagel and egg sandwich, he called me over to change my mind about Mortadella (It’s not the same as boloney, folks!). We truly came to understand how much we enjoy travel and how much more we enjoy doing it together. We soon found ourselves traveling back and forth between continents for the next 5 years just to see each other and experience these moments together… and now we want you to travel with us to share our most special moment!

< Incontrati, Amati, Sposati! >

< Chi avrebbe mai immaginato che la mia anima gemella è un’artista?
Solare, con un sorriso irresistibile… ed a soli 7 fusi orari! >


  • Welcome Event

    There will be a Welcome event on December 6th. This will be a chance to really unwind and enjoy the tastes of Tulum alongside some of the finest company!
    < Ci si vede il 6, un giorno per lasciarsi alle spalle lo stress e stare assieme godendosi atmosfera caraibica e sapori del Messico (Tequila!!!) >

    La Zebra

    December 6th
    8:00 PM

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  • Ceremony

    We are so excited to be sharing this important moment in our lives together….with you! It means so much to us to have you there, making this day truly wonderful.
    < Domenica 7 … mi tocca! >

    Hotel Mezzanine Tulum

    December 7th
    Start Time: 4:00PM / 16:00; Please arrive by 3:30 PM

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  • Reception

    The reception will be outdoors on the hotel deck overlooking the sea where we will eat, drink, and be merry together! So don’t forget your dancing shoes!
    Note: It gets cool in the evenings so we recommend bringing a jacket or shawl.

    < Tra oceano e stelle: party! >

    Hotel Mezzanine Tulum

    December 7th
    Immediately following Ceremony until 12AM

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    Beach Cocktail / No tie / Cravatta vietata!


Your presence at our wedding is more than we could already hope for. When we say your presence is gift, we really mean it! So please do not feel obliged to give more. We love you and nobody knows more than we do how much it takes to travel so far. But, for those of you who just can’t help yourselves…;)

American Wedding Registry Coming Soon

< La vostra presenza per noi è il regalo più grande e non ci aspettiamo null’altro, ma se proprio non riuscite a farne a meno… ecco la lista nozze ;) >

Presso COMET di Via Michelino, 105 – Bologna è disponibile la nostra lista nozze. Tel.

Tulum, Mexico

The name Tulum, derived from the Mayan word for wall, and the ruins hovering over the beach, most notably the giant pyramid-shaped Castillo, have gained notoriety as 1 of the Mayan civilization’s only walled cities. In its heyday, Tulum served as a port of call for mariners and traders, and its walls defined the ancient town’s defense against invaders from sea and land.

Today, visitors from across the globe who vacation at Tulum experience 1 of Mexico’s finest beaches with an added bonus: the chance to admire the architecture of the ruins and feel the awe of this ancient and notoriously advanced civilization.




Practice catching your own meal by learning to fish with the experts at Boca Paila They sail small flat-bottomed boats into the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve’s waters, straight to the best fly-fishing spots. Depending on the season, you might catch huge groupers, bonefish, or huachinango snapper. Don’t try to eat your haul here, though, as the area’s protected status requires catch and release.

There are other fishing expert companies Tulum as well.



153 km from Tulum / ~2.5 hrs. away by car

The brilliant ruins of Chichén Itzá evidence a dazzling ancient city that once centered the Maya empire in Central America.

The stepped pyramids, temples, columned arcades, and other stone structures of Chichén Itzá were sacred to the Maya and a sophisticated urban center of their empire from A.D. 750 to 1200.

Viewed as a whole, the incredible complex reveals much about the Maya and Toltec vision of the universe—which was intimately tied to what was visible in the dark night skies of the Yucatán Peninsula.

The most recognizable structure here is the Temple of Kukulkan, also known as El Castillo. This glorious step pyramid demonstrates the accuracy and importance of Maya astronomy—and the heavy influence of the Toltecs, who invaded around 1000 and precipitated a merger of the two cultural traditions.

It is recommended that travelers leave early and try to arrive when it opens to avoid the main rush of tourists.

Note: When once visitors could climb the steps, they can no longer. If you are interested in a more interactive experience, you can climb the steps at Coba.


64.6 km away from Tulum /~49 min by car

Playa del Carmen, now the third-largest city in Quintana Roo, is the trendiest spot on all of the Yucatán Peninsula. Sitting coolly on the lee side of Cozumel, the town’s beaches are jammed with superfit Europeans.

Strolling down Playa del Carmen’s pedestrian corridor, Quinta Avenida (keen-ta; 5 Avenida), is a fabulous game of see-and-be-seen. La Nueva Quinta (New Fifth Ave) is also called La Zona Italiana for the number of Italians operating businesses there. It begins on Calle 22 and stretches north for 10 blocks.

The reefs here are excellent, and offer diving and snorkeling close by. Look for rays, moray eels, sea turtles and a huge variety of corals. The lavender sea fans make for very picturesque vistas.

Read more:


Less than a 30-minute drive from Tulum, Punta Laguna Nature Reserve offers one of the most unique sightseeing attractions in all of the Yucatán: spider monkeys. The creatures are a top draw for the reserve, which also showcases jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys and dozens of bird species.

The nearby Mayan village also allows travelers a glimpse of indigenous Mexican lifestyle, where you can tour around thatched roof houses and watch women cook over open fires.

Most travelers hire a guide to tour the reserve. Guides are usually inexpensive and can provide a more authentic and informed experience for travelers new to the Yucatán. That said, one traveler on TripAdvisor went independently and found his wanderings to be pleasant: “We decided to take the tour on our own … we were not disappointed.”

Punta Laguna lies just about 15 miles north of Cobá. From Tulum, you can take a bus, hire a taxi or drive the 30 minutes from downtown. Open daily, you can tour the park for a moderate fee.


13.7 km from venue / ~23 min by car

You’ll want the whole day to enjoy this 1.5-million acre UNESCO world heritage site, where tours guided by naturalists include lunch.

The emerald-green wetlands brim with flora and fauna, and there are several ways to take it all in.

Birders will enjoy kayaking through the lagoon, where roseate spoonbills, herons and ospreys are sometimes sighted.

Bolder guests should swim the fresh water mangrove channels, which feel like a natural lazy river. (Tip: wear your life preserver like a diaper, and you can float even higher in the water.)

Swim, Walk, or Snorkel a Cenote!


Cenotes — the word evolved from the Mayan “dzonot,” which means “well” — are freshwater caves and underground rivers you can snorkel or dive in.

GRAN CENOTE: This one is rather small and sweet, featuring all the usual suspects: stalagmites, stalactites and lots of tourists just like you.

Note: You can only use non-chemical bug spray or sun tan lotion at cenotes in order to keep maintain natural cleanliness of the water. The other option will be to rinse just beforehand.



You will need to purchase plane tickets that fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN) and then take ground transportation to Tulum. The drive is about an hour and a half away, but once you arrive in Tulum, you’ll feel like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

< Arrivate all’aeroporto di Cancun (CUN). >

Find Flights


For all guests arriving Friday, December 5th and staying in Tulum, we will organize a shuttle service to your hotel. You will just need to let us know your flight information and the location of your hotel in Tulum in the RSVP section. We will try to group guests together based on arrival time so you may have to wait for other guests, but we will do our best not to make anyone wait too long.

If you prefer to find your own ground transportation, you can reserve a time with a shuttle service. We used Cancun Valet previously.

< L’aeroporto dista un’ora e mezza di strada da Tulum, per chi arriverà il 5 organizzeremo delle navette per portarvi direttamente all’hotel in Tulum. >

Find Directions
Other Info

Be sure to call your health insurance company to make sure you insurance covers you internationally. You may also want to look into additional travel insurance if you’re a bit of a daredevil or planning a more active vacation. I understand that not all health insurance or travel health insurance will cover injury that occurs during certain activities such as scuba diving or kayaking.

I follow the blog of “Nomadic Matt” and he recommends World Nomads. Here is a link to his page, discussing how to buy good travel insurance:


New Information: La Vita e Bella actually has blocked off rooms for us for a few weeks. So if you see that La Vita e Bella is full online, do not worry. Just contact Elena at

Along the beach, hotels tend to be small bungalow style affairs with relatively limited access to the outside world, and they like it that way. Accommodations can range from luxurious beachfront villas to rustic yet charming bungalows.

Downtown, you can find more economical options with more of the expected amenities, and the added bonus of a more active nightlife.

Below are 3 hotels we’ve researched. La Vita e Bella has a rustic Robinson Crusoe Charm and is in walking distance of the wedding venue. Just outside Tulum, Hotel Jashita’s gorgeous bay and luxurious rooms with full amenities make it worth the trip. Villas H20 has all the comforts you would expect in a city, and its downtown location puts you close to Tulum’s nightlife.

Really Tulum has something for everybody whether you’re looking to be in the center of all the action or if you are looking for a charming little B&B. There is, though, often a tradeoff. Not all hotels have amenities that we think of as basic like 24-hr electricity, outlets in every room, etc. so if you decide to go with other options, please check to make sure it has everything you need.

*Please book as soon as possible since hotels are small and blocks of rooms could not be reserved in advance. If you run into problems, please let me help.

< Gli hotels nell’area di Tulum sono piccoli, per salvaguardare la bellezza delle riserve naturali di questa regione, ma molto richiesti: suggeriamo quindi di prenotare in anticipo, ponendo attenzione ai servizi offerti in quanto molte strutture sono semplici e non presentano i comforts base che ci si potrebbe aspettare. Abbiamo selezionato le opzioni migliori per le diverse esigenze. >

La Vita è Bella Tulum
La Vita è Bella Tulum

“La Vita é Bella” is a small, lovely, private hotel on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. It is by far the hotel closest to the wedding venue. Located close to the main strip of hotels and to the downtown area, this hotel is nicely situated between the two active areas.

< Struttura semplice e rustica, direttamente su una spiaggia meravigliosa, a soli pochi minuti a piedi dalla location del matrimonio. >

Méx: 01(984) 177 44 04
USA: +52 1 (984) 177 44 04

To book a room,
email Elena at


$110-$239 USD +19% tax


5 minutes walking; 400 meters

More Info
Hotel Mezzanine Tulum
Hotel Mezzanine Tulum

Mezzanine, a contemporary Tulum boutique hotel with an authentic Thai restaurant and hip martini lounge, is small, but charming. It only has 9 rooms but has a great a view of the sea.

If you are interested in staying, here please contact us at

< Location del matrimonio. >

Carretera Tulum–Boca Paila km 1.5
77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico


$120-290 USD +19% Tax


Ceremony and Reception will take place here

More Info
Jashita Hotel
Jashita Hotel

This small eco friendly luxury Hotel is bathed by the colors of the Caribbean nature, the gentle aromas of bougainvilleas and the turquoise Soliman bay.
The beauty of this bay is not only its heartbreaking color but also being probably the most protected bay of the Riviera Maya. This allows you to swim and snorkel safely all year long.

Reservations can be made through their online system:

< A 20 minuti di taxi, hotel con tutti i comforts in una baia protetta con mare calmo, perfetto per snorkeling e bambini. >


$210-$1450 USD + 19% tax


Jashita to Venue: 23 km/24 min Driving | Venue to Jashita: 14 km/14 min Driving

More Info
Villas H20
Villas H20

Setting new standards for boutique Tulum hotel in town, Villas H20 Tulum Hotel combines a modern, minimalist design with locally crated detailing to create an atmosphere of urban chic blended with a friendly, relaxing vibe and impeccable hotel service.

< Per chi alla spiaggia preferisce un appoggio nella città di Tulum per visitare la regione, hotel confortevole ed a soli pochi minuti di taxi dalla location del matrimonio. >


$95-$110 USD / night + 19% tax


7.3 km / 10 min by car

More Info

Additional Information

PRINT IT OUT- Tulum prides itself on its relaxing atmosphere, but this can involve poor internet service. We highly recommend that you print out all the information that you need from this site as well as all your research before leaving. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t allow you to print. Once the Welcome Event has been established I will create an easy to download and print .pdf with the relevant wedding info on our blog site:

PASSPORTS -If you do not have a passport, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to obtain one. Information on US Passports can be found at
If you already have a passport, be sure to check the expiration date

ATMS-ATMS at hotels along beach tend to be outdoors and less protected which means identity theft is a risk. We recommend using your credit card when you can, and withdrawing money from indoor locations. Many locations independent of hotels are cash only. You might not be able to access a trustworthy ATM right away, and so we recommend also withdrawing a good amount of pesos at the airport.

AMERICAN MONEY: Many places including cabs will take American money, but in the end you might not be getting the best price. We wouldn’t recommend bills larger than $20.

TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE: Be sure to call your health insurance company to make sure you insurance covers you internationally. You may also want to look into additional travel insurance if you’re a bit of a daredevil or planning a more active vacation. I understand that not all health insurance or travel health insurance will cover injury that occurs during certain activities such as scuba diving or kayaking.


Sandals (you might rent a bike or walk the gravelly street)
It gets cooler at night, so bring something to keep you warm in the evenings.
Easy to carry bottle

I will be working on an informal blog with more detailed information and traveling tips for those who are interested. This site will continue to develop as we get closer to the wedding:

< STAMPA! Internet non e’ sempre ottimale, stampa prenotazioni e informazioni utili.
PASSAPORTO – accertati per tempo di avere un passaporto valido
SOLDI – BANCOMAT non sempre facili da trovare, alcuni sono in dollari, altri in pesos. Utile prelevare dei pesos appena arrivati in aeroporto (non preoccupatevi della tassa, sui bancomat indicano il simbolo dei dollari – 30-40 a prelievo – ma sono pesos!). Se prelevate in dollari va bene lo stesso, sono accettati, ma potreste non avere il miglior prezzo.
Torcia (la zona della spiaggia diventa buia presto)
Spray per insetti

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